Until we Succumb

Sculpture by: Kenzie McKnight
Photographed by: Haley Steffen

“I made this ceramic sculpture a couple years ago during my senior year of college. It represents the extraordinary ability of the body to consistently fight off disease throughout our lives. It is insane to me to think about the sheer amount of ways the systems of the body can go awry, and yet how we only develop a tiny fraction of diseases in our lives. The hand in the sculpture looks as if it is reaching out, trying not to be consumed by disease. It is cracked from the constant day-to-day struggle. Eventually, whether it be by old age or through other disease processes, the body succumbs.”

— Kenzie McKnight, M2

About the Creator:

Kenzie McKnight is an M2 at the Carver College of Medicine. She is originally from Indianola, IA and attended the University of Iowa for her undergraduate education, majoring in human physiology with a minor in Spanish and a minor in art. McKnight mostly creates 2D art including drawing, painting, and printmaking, but also creates ceramics. Her favorite art form is printmaking.

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