About Us

The Appendix is an online student-run digital publication with the mission of curating art that stems from both ordinary and extraordinary experiences. We believe in the translation of the “art of the everyday”, showcasing creative writing, poetry, illustration, graphic design, satire, photography, news, opinion, and art that has yet to be defined. 

We are collaborative, workshop-rooted, and multimodal and we want your contributions! We believe that anyone who writes is a writer, and anyone who creates is an artist. There is no such thing as “bad” art. Did you have an exceptional (or terrible) experience in the cardiology clinic? Have an interesting conversation with a stranger at the bus stop? Eat an unusually good orange? We want to hear about it! We want to see it! We welcome art and writing of all mediums and any medical or PA student is encouraged to submit. 

If you are a creator of any kind (or would like to be) we enthusiastically invite you to send us your work and connect with us at theappendixjournal@gmail.com