Console Table

“Solid wood console table with cubbies on hairpin legs. Finished with Danish oil.” – Brooks Parvin

For the design of this table, my partner pointed at a photo online and said, “I want that.” From there, we worked out the dimensions that would fit her space and look well proportioned. I chose box joints because I like visible joints and they matched the minimalist style of the piece.

Building the piece, I used a hand plane to joint my boards for glue up and then to flatten the glued-up panels. A shooting board was used to square off the ends. I hand cut my box joints using a combination of coping saw, Japanese pull saw, and chisel. The center divider is held in place via dado joints. 

 Overall, it took me about seven months to complete the piece. The most difficult challenge was learning how to achieve a flat surface using a hand plane. Thankfully, there are several expert woodworkers who demonstrate techniques online. I finished this project just two days before I left California for my first term with the help of my partner in final sanding and finishing. Special thanks also go to my friends Sally and Jeremy who lent me their garage for this project.

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Brooks Parvin is a 1st year Physician Assistant student at the University of Iowa.

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