Nathan Swailes to Leave University to Pursue Career as Social Media Influencer

Dr. Nathan Swailes, renowned teacher and penultimate cool dad has announced that he will be
leaving the University of Iowa to pursue a career on Instagram as a social media influencer. “My
time at this institution has been nothing short of amazing, but I have to put my dream of having
an army of med students pronouncing ‘capillary’ my way on the backburner. My Photoshop
skills have gotten to a point where I think I can take this social media thing full time”. Swailes
then abruptly ended his statement by making a corny pun, telling himself, “shut up Swailes,” and
taking a sip from his coffee mug while riding his histological horse into the sunset.

About the Creator:

Brandon Bacalzo is an M2 at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. He earned his bachelors from the University of Wisconsin Madison and is a Wisconsin native. In his free time, Brandon enjoys a wide variety of experiences such as appreciating music, hiking, reflecting on the human condition, and making memes.

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