Chambers of the Heart

“This piece was created in the summer of 2018 when I had just graduated from college and moved to Iowa City. I had been reflecting on the different places I called home, and what the concept of home felt like for me. Each chamber depicts a place that has become a part of me: my roots of growing up in Iowa; fulfilling my dream of living in a big city by moving to Chicago for college; exploring the history and culture of my Catholic identity while studying abroad in Rome, Italy; or any time I can be in the mountains to reconnect with nature and be reminded of the vastness and beauty of the Earth.

Having just begun a new chapter in my life here in Iowa City for medical school, this piece helped me to affirm that home and belonging isn’t where you are, but remembering and cherishing what makes you who you are. I hope that others making life transitions can find similar anchors of identity in their hearts, especially those apart from their friends and family or those who are adapting to a new place. The things and places you love are carried through life with you and are never left behind.”

— Olivia Snyder, M2

About the Creator:

Olivia Snyder is an M2 at the Carver College of Medicine. She studied biology and theology at Loyola University Chicago. Her favorite art forms are culinary and watercolor.

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