AnteroLateral Shoulder

“This painting is inspired by the beauty and complex simplicity of anatomy. We are all humans made of the same anatomical building blocks, but we all bring our own individual colors to the world.”
— Brett Kowalczyk, PT student

I’ve always loved the interplay of what we think of “science” and “art.” There is an art to science, and there is science to art. This piece was not only inspired by two of my passions: anatomy and painting, but simply by the ideas of humanity and individuality. All of us have skeletal systems and anatomy that is common enough to be only recognizable as human. I wanted to bring individuality to the skeletal system via vibrancy, colors, and contrast; a glimpse of our x-ray anatomy brought to life.

About the Creator:

Brett Kowalczyk is a second-year Doctor of Physical Therapy student from Peru, IL. Before coming to the University of Iowa, He earned a B.S. in Neuroscience from Saint Louis University. Over the past year or so, his painting has become an outlet for him as a way to make his brain think and function in a different way than studying and retaining the vast amount of information required for graduate school. 

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