Animation Dabblings

“Below are a number of animations that I’ve made for use in a video game I’ve created. We have The Medic, The Baron, The Swordfighter, and The Soldier, each in either an idle animation or moving animation variety.

These were made for a Fire Emblem fangame I’ve been developing for the past 2 years. I know this may possibly be the only pixel art submitted to this journal, but I hope that it may at least brighten someone’s day. Additionally, the final products you see would not have been possible without the input/reference works of many other animators and pixel artists in the video game modding community, I by no means deserve full credit for these!”

—Scott Koeneman

“The Medic Idle”
“The Medic Moving”
“Swordfighter Idle”
“Swordfighter Moving”
“The Baron Idle”
“The Baron Moving”
‘The Soldier Idle”
“The Soldier Moving”

About the Creator:

Scott Koeneman is a PhD student in the Biostatistics department. Being analytically inclined, he never fancied himself an artist until very recently, when he fell in love with modding video games which has given me occasion to dabble in pixel art and animation.

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