Artist Feature: Elvis Castro

Interview by: Anna Graeff

Elvis Castro is an artist and rising second year medical student at the Carver College of Medicine, and The Appendix was able to interview him to learn more about his creative process and the meanings behind his songs. 

Castro submitted the originals “Maybe”, “These Days Pt. 2”, and “Unfinished,” and in looking at these tracks together, it feels like they are linked, taking you on a journey throughout somebody’s life. They tell the story of a person who is unsure if they are choosing the right path and uncertain as to whether the people who chose them for that path made the right decision, but is going to do what it takes to be the best. 

Elvis has other songs in addition to the ones featured here, so be sure to go check them out on Spotify!


The song “Maybe” has layered nuances. The overarching theme of the song is about a girl who doesn’t believe she is worthy of a boy’s love. The underlying motif is inspired by “imposter syndrome,” which is something that many medical students experience. Castro says that he sometimes experiences this feeling himself, worrying that he might have gotten into medical school by a fluke. This song attempts to capture both these thoughts into one complex narrative.

These Days Pt. 2

Castro says that “These Days Pt. 2” was written based on feelings of doubt about the direction he was taking with his life. He felt conflicted because he wasn’t sure if he could be doing something better with his time than what he had chosen, and he was doubtful if he would ever reach his goals and reap the benefits of them.


Castro grew up with hip hop and rap culture, and the song Unfinished ties into those roots. Unfinished is a song about continuing to be the best and greatest in your craft.  

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About the Creator:

Anna Graeff is an M2 at Carver College of Medicine with an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Iowa State University. She has two adorable pet Yorkies, which distract her from studying a lot of the time. She loves art and became interested in creating her own over the past year. Her favorite medium to create is embroidery.

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